Sunday, 16 December 2012

Our bishop speaks out

I was pleased to hear a Pastoral Letter from our bishop at Mass today, urging us to resist the redefinition of marriage.  He has also blogged on the subject, including both his pastoral letter and some useful links in his blog post, such as the one to his clear and excellent statement issued earlier this week.

He makes the particularly important point that same-sex couples are not 'excluded' from marriage, but simply cannot marry.  What the intended legislation proposes is, in fact, a lie: to call something a marriage that does not meet the meaning of that word.  I blogged on this aspect a while back when the Argentinians did something similar.

He also refers to the government as the Gornment: possibly a typo, but I quite like it and hope it will catch on: not sure of the etymology, but it does sound good.

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