Sunday, 2 December 2012


I was boasting on Twitter the other day about my superior home-made advent wreath. I went up to the attic today to fetch it (reflecting that if I was G K Chesterton, I would write a great essay about the other things I happened to see in the attic) and when I got it out of the bag in which it had been stored, I found that it was crushed.

To my chagrin, Anna was delighted.  I don't think she ever liked it, but it has done something like 20 years sterling service.  

I am sorry that there are no extant photos (or at least none I can find) of it in use - though of course the whole point was that in use, you only saw a circle of holly with candles emerging.

However, I suspect Anna has long been hoping for its demise, as she had an immediate solution up her sleeve.

(I wonder if Anna squashed it deliberately! Unworthy thought...)

So, as the headline suggests, I am feeling crushed....

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