Monday, 31 December 2012

Local Flooding

When we looked out of the window this morning, we saw that the fields in the valley were flooded.

Naturally, that meant that Ant and Dominique had to build a coracle, (using some old pipe tubing and a tarpaulin) and we then had to go and try it out.

It did very well, and a lot of fun was had by all.

I haven't many photos, as I ran out of memory, but I an assure you that all three of the girls managed to sink it.  Charlie refused to go in it, but still managed to fill a welly with water.


Idle Rambler said...

Looks like great fun though not quite what I was hoping to see from your part of the world where our son has gone to spend New Year.

Looks like rain is the order of the day everywhere.

I think your young'uns definitely get their 'coracle-making' badge :-)

Ben Trovato said...

Hmm, yes, well, the prime mover of these young'uns is 22 and in the 4th year of her masters in Maths...

Idle Rambler (Cindy) said...

Our son who's wandering your way (vaguely) did an MMath too, coincidentally. I don't remember him mentioning coracle-building at all :-)