Saturday 11 April 2015

A Roll of Honour

Since the letter was published in the Catholic Herald, we have a few more signatures to add. Some have come in late, one or two were initially omitted due to our error.

Here is the current list, which I will update as more come in. Dioceses are shown where known. The current total is 548.

Please contact me for any corrections or additions.

And thanks, once more, to everyone who signed and particularly to those who carried the blog post and all who encouraged others to sign.

Citra Abbott;
James Abbott;
Jane Abbott, Brentwood;
Paul Abbott, Brentwood;
Louise Allain, Westminster;
Robert Allen, Clifton;
Clare Anderson, Portsmouth;
Richard Aroza, Mumbai;
Rosa Maria Arrojo, Newark, USA;
Frank Ashcroft, Leeds;
Renee Ashcroft, Liverpool;
Wendy Ashcroft, Leeds;
Julia Ashenden, Westminster;
Simon Ashenden, Westminster;
Mary Ashfield, Southwark;
David Assirati, Northampton;
Mrs David Assirati, Northampton;
Robert Aston, Salford;
Kris B., San Antonio;
Mark Bailey, Westminster;
Marcin Bakowski, Hexham & Newcastle;
Catherine Barbercheck, Peoria, Illinois;
John M. Barrie, Southwark;
Antoinette Barry, Dublin;
Gillian Barry, Portsmouth;
Ethna Barton, Southwark;
James Barton, Southwark;
Rupert Beale, East Anglia;
Jane Beaton, Wrexham;
Nicolas Bellord, Arundel and Brighton;
James Belt, Clifton;
Robert John Bennett, Cologne, Germany;
David Beresford, Peterborough Diocese, Ontario Canada;
Donna Bethell, Washington, DC, USA.;
Nicola Blaney, Southwark;
Frederick W. Bledsoe, Honolulu;
Gerald Bonner, Glasgow;
Philip Booth, Arundel and Brighton;
Kimberly Borom, Seattle, USA;
Joseph Bracewell, Salford;
Blaise Bradley, Southwark;
David Bradley, Chicago, USA;
Terri Bradley, Chicago, USA;
Marie Breen, Dublin, Ireland.;
Maya Breen, Birmingham;
Paul Breen, Birmingham;
Denis Brentwood, Brentwood;
Thomas Bridge, Brentwood;
David Brown, Arundel and Brighton;
Joan Brown, Charleston,USA;
Margaret Brown, Arundel and Brighton;
Steve Brown, Charleston,USA;
Stephen Bullivant, Birmingham;
John Francis Burke, Portsmouth;
Sarah Burke, Westminster;
Tony Burke, Westminster;
Lynette Burrows;
Barbara Burton, Wagga Wagga, Australia;
Bruno Burton, Wagga Wagga, Australia;
Christine Byrne, Southwark;
Ivana Cahill, Nottingham;
Greg Callagh, Westminster;
Anna Campbell, Portsmouth;
Winefride Capitelli, Westminster;
Francis Carey, Westminster;
Julie Carey, Westminster;
Mary Teresa Carradice, Lancaster;
Gillian Carroll, Portsmouth;
Michael Carroll, Nottingham;
Brendan Casey, Westminster;
Helen Caspar, Los Angeles, USA;
Michelle Catling, Northampton;
Paul Cavanagh, Shrewsbury;
Ursula Cavanagh, Shrewsbury;
David Chapman, Westminster;
John Charmley, East Anglia;
Maureen Chatfield, Birmingham;
Linda Chin, Southwark;
Philip Chin, Southwark;
Greg Cladagh;
Annabel Clarke;
Aghi Clovis, Southwark;
Crystal Clovis, Southwark;
Daniel Clovis, Southwark;
Greg  Clovis, Southwark;
Sally Collins, Menevia;
Martin Comer, Clifton;
Susan Marie Conner, Utah, USA;
Sheenagh Connolly, Lancaster;
Kathleen Mary Copeland, Southwark;
Marie Corcoran, Newark, USA;
Brian Crowe, Aberdeen;
Margaret Crowe, Aberdeen;
Antony Crump, Nottingham;
Patrick Cusworth, Westminster;
Marianne Cuthbertson, Westminster;
David D’Avray, Birmingham;
Paul Dale, Southwark;
Leo Darroch, Hexham & Newcastle;
Adrian Davis, Southwark;
Ms A Davis, Westminster;
Stephen Davis, Southwark;
Tom Davis, Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham;
Ryan Day, Middlesbrough;
Anthony Delarue, Westminster;
Fabio Dervishi, Westminster;
Kevin Devanny, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Claire Devine, Westminster;
Fintan Devine, Westminster;
Monica Mary Devine, Westminster;
Maria Devlin, Hexham & Newcastle;
Rob Devlin, Hexham & Newcastle;
Darrell Dickerson, Detroit, USA;
Anthony Dickinson, Liverpool;
Joseph Dickinson, Liverpool;
Margaret Dickinson, Liverpool;
Damian Dillon, Brentwood;
Stephen Dillon, Birmingham;
Mark Dobson, Reggio Emilia-Guastalla, Italy;
L. Dove, Hexham & Newcastle;
Graziella Drago, Portsmouth;
Elwira Dubis, Southwark;
Christine Dumouchel, Diocese of Charleston (USA);
Liam Dunne;
James Barry Durkin, Portsmouth;
P. Dykhuizen, Joliet, USA;
Nicholas Dyson, Westminster;
Ruth Dyson, Westminster;
Bernadette Eakin, Cardiff;
C. Edwards, Cardiff;
David Edwards, East Anglia;
J. Edwards, Cardiff;
John Edwards, Nottingham;
M. Edwards, Cardiff;
Jennifer Eggleston, East Anglia;
Laurence England, Arundel and Brighton;
Mary Fagan, Leeds;
Patrick Fahey, Birmingham;
John Fannon, Plymouth;
Dominic Farrell, Plymouth;
Caroline Farrow, Arundel and Brighton;
Annalyn Fedee, Castries, Saint Lucia;
Robert P. Federle, Oakland, USA;
Edgar Fendt, Arundel and Brighton;
Emma Findlay-Watson, Clifton;
Lynda Finneran, Dublin;
Fred Firzpatrick, Birmingham;
John Fitzgerald, Salford;
Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Chicago, USA;
Paula Flynn, Birmingham;
Patti Fordyce, Westminster;
Ben Forshaw, Sydney, Australia;
Janet Forte, Brooklyn USA;
Michael Freeley, Shrewsbury;
D Frostick, Clifton;
Brian Gallacher, Paisley;
Chris Gammon, Palm Beach, USA;
Joel Garcia, Brentwood;
Lorelei Garcia, Brentwood;
Malcolm Garden, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Martin Gardner, Aberdeen;
Delia Gaze, Southwark;
Jennifer Geach, Portsmouth;
Tamsin Geach, East Anglia;
Daphne George, Southwark;
John Giglio, Brooklyn USA;
Annie Glaspool, Hexham & Newcastle;
Michael Gormally, Westminster;
Pete Gray, Portsmouth;
Kinga Gray- Grzeczynska, Lancaster;
Brendan Greally, Westminster;
Tuyet Greally, Westminster;
Norah Greer, Brentwood;
David Greig, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Christopher Griffin, Plymouth;
Christopher Griffiths, Liverpool;
Anne Grimer, Portsmouth;
Christopher Guyver, Plymouth;
John H., Westminster;
Robin Haig, Shrewsbury;
Wanda Haig, Shrewsbury;
Drew Hall, Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham;
Angela Hammond, Hexham & Newcastle;
Sean Hampton, Salford;
J. Hannan, East Anglia;
Mrs J. Hannan, East Anglia;
Kirk Hansen, Joliet, USA;
Carol Ann Harnett, Arundel and Brighton;
Colin Harte, Plymouth;
Anne Harriss, Clifton;
Aidan Harvey-Craig, Clifton;
Beatrice Harvey-Craig, Clifton;
Charlotte Harvey-Craig, Clifton;
Sara Harvey-Craig, Clifton;
John Hayes, Westminster;
Matthew Hazell, Hallam;
Gerard Healy, Liverpool;
Marie Heath, Plymouth;
Sophie Hector, Westminster;
Steven Hector, Westminster;
Paul Hellyer, Leeds;
Gaelle Hendrickx, Westminster;
Bernie Hennigan, Dublin, Ireland.;
Bertie Hennigan, Dublin, Ireland.;
Molly Highfield, Shrewsbury;
Megan Hodder, Southwark;
Kathleen Hodgson, Southwark;
Teresa Honey, Westminster;
David Hope, Birmingham;
Tina Hope, Birmingham;
Karen Horne, Brentwood;
Alan John Houghton, Liverpool;
Angeline Houghton, Liverpool;
Frances Houghton, Liverpool;
Anne Howard, Southwark;
Felicity Howard, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Ginette Howell, Southwark;
John Hughes;
Gabrielle Hullis, Westminster;
Erik Huntzicker, California, USA;
David Hurley, Southwark;
Barbara Hustwick, Middlesbrough;
Suzanne Jacklin, Ottawa, Canada;
Anthony James, Arundel and Brighton;
Caroline James, Brentwood;
Catherine James, Brentwood;
Erin James, Brentwood;
Matthew James, Brentwood;
Orla James, Brentwood;
Patrick James, Brentwood;
Michael Jarman, Harrisburg, USA;
Evelyn Jenkins;
Austin Jennings, Leeds;
Barbara Jensen, Syracuse, USA;
Emma John, Westminster;
A. Johnson, Hexham & Newcastle;
Elaine Johnson, Raleigh, USA;
Philip Johnson, Shrewsbury;
Julia Jones, Southwark;
Marie-Claire Kaminski, Westminster;
Wendy Kane, Southwark;
Stephen Keay, Cardiff;
Diane Keck, Bismarck, USA;
Mrs Carmela Kelly, Portsmouth;
Joseph Kelly, Southwark;
Marita Kelly, Southwark;
Michael Kenny, Glasgow;
Geoff Kiernan, Perth, Australia;
James J. King, Westminster;
Mary King, Westminster;
Geoffrey Kirk, Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham;
James Klass, Charlotte, USA;
Patricia Klass, Charlotte, USA;
Matthew J Knight, Westminster;
David Konietzco, Hamburg, Germany;
Brian Kopp, Altoona-Johnstown USA;
Peter Kowalski, Wilmington, USA;
Catherine Lafferty, Westminster;
Mrs L Lafferty, Westminster;
John Lambert, Brentwood;
Louise Lambert, Brentwood;
Mark Lambert, Brentwood;
Mary Lambert, Brentwood;
Mary Patricia Lambert, Brentwood;
Michael Lambert, Brentwood;
William Lambert, Brentwood;
Bob Latin, Lancaster;
Jane Latin, Lancaster;
Patrick Lawler, Westminster;
Charmaine Lee, Westminster;
Beatrix Letore, Arundel and Brighton;
Frances Levett, Nottingham;
Mary Lewis, Cardiff;
Tim Lewis, Birmingham;
Karen Linsmayer, Minneapolis/St.Paul, USA;
Veronica Mary Lopez, Granada, Spain;
Clare Lusby, Westminster;
John Lusby, Westminster;
Marion Luscombe, Cardiff;
Velle Mere Lyons, Orlando (USA);
A. M., Oslo, Norway;
Liz M., Portsmouth;
Hugh MacCamley, France;
Martin Macgregor, Hexham & Newcastle;
Patricia Macgregor, Hexham & Newcastle;
Roy Macgregor, Hexham & Newcastle;
Mr J Mackie-Savage, Arundel and Brighton;
Mrs A-M Mackie-Savage,, Arundel and Brighton;
James MacMillan, Glasgow;
Christina Manara;
Jonathan Marshall, Clifton;
Patrick Martin, Westminster;
S.T. Martin;
Richard Martyres, Brentwood;
Christopher Massey, Lancaster;
Vincent Mc Donald, Glasgow;
Denis Mc Grory, Birmingham;
Keith McAllister, Hexham & Newcastle;
Pauline McAllister, Hexham & Newcastle;
Ruari McCallion, Salisbury;
Rita McCarick, Westminster;
Anthony McCarthy;
Clare McCullough, Westminster;
Andrew McDowell, Hexham & Newcastle;
Susan McDowell, Hexham & Newcastle;
Tony McGough, Shrewsbury;
Brendan McInerney, Arundel and Brighton;
Anne McIntyre, Clifton;
Therese McIntyre, Clifton;
John McKeown, Down and Connor, Ireland;
Liz McKernan, Arundel and Brighton;
Mac McLernon, Southwark;
Jim McPake, Lancaster;
Deirdre Melody;
James Melody;
Michael Merrick, Lancaster;
Catherine Merrifield, Portsmouth;
Mark Merrifield, Portsmouth;
David Mitchell, Brentwood;
Peter Mitchell, Southwark;
David B. Monier-Williams , Phoenix, USA;
Dermot John Morgan, Shrewsbury;
Huw Morgan, Southwark;
Sandy Morris, Portsmouth;
Jasper Mullane;
Matilda Mullane;
Paul Mullane;
Rachael Mullane;
Clare Mulvany-Carberry, Westminster;
Cezary Namirski, Hexham & Newcastle;
Fiorella Nash;
Melanie Newbould, Salford;
Evelyn Nicholson, Clifton;
Michael Nicholson, Southwark;
John Nolan, Toronto, Canada;
Paul Northam, Birmingham;
Daibhead O'Conchobhair, Portsmouth;
Martin O'Leary, Motherwell;
Geraldine O'Mahoney Hildreth, Palm Beach, USA;
Cathy O'Malley, Hallam;
Michael O'Malley;
Paul O'Malley, Hallam;
Luke O'Sullivan, Menevia;
Margaret Mary Oldham, Birmingham;
Johan Oliveire, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago;
Tuyet Olvestedt;
James Ormsbee, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, USA;
Nicolette Ormsbee, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, USA;
Stuart Ormsbee, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, USA;
Annabel Osborn, Southwark;
Francis Osborn, Southwark;
Mike Owen, Westminster;
Christine Page, Illinois, USA;
Susan Palmer, Southwark;
Celia Parker , Hallam;
Ann Parry, Hallam;
Helen Parry, Leeds;
Jonathan Partington, Leeds;
David Paton, Nottingham;
Catherine Pattinson, Salford;
Paulette Peachey, Nottingham;
Warren Peachey, Nottingham;
Tony Pead, Canberra & Goulboum, Australia;
Rachel Peck, Lancaster;
James Pennington, Liverpool;
Angela Perera, Liverpool;
Cindy Perera, Arundel and Brighton;
Keith Petersen, Monterey, USA;
Anthony (Tim) Phillips, Arundel and Brighton;
Jeffrey Pillar, Menevia;
Sylvia Pillar, Menevia;
Judith Pink, Westminster;
Thomas Pink, Westminster;
Andrew Plasom-Scott, Lancaster;
Clare Plasom-Scott, Lancaster;
Jane Plasom-Scott, Lancaster;
Lizzie Plasom-Scott, Lancaster;
Michael Plasom-Scott, Lancaster;
Simon Platt, Lancaster;
Maryellen Post, Diocese of Buffalo New York, USA;
Joe A. Potillor, Los Angeles, USA;
John Powell, Ottawa, Canada;
Therese Power, 
James Preece, Middlesbrough;
Jamie Corwin Priest;
Jonathan Gregory Priest;
Paul Priest;
Rowan Hannah Priest;
Leonhard Printz, Denmark;
Jean Purcell, Northampton;
Patrick Purcell, Northampton;
Pauline Purcell, Northampton;
Nicola Randall, Lancaster;
Elizabeth Raskob, St Louis USA;
Adeline Rayment, Shrewsbury;
Chris Rayment, Shrewsbury;
John A. Rayner, Leeds;
Anthony Readings, USA;
Bethany Reed, Southwark;
Carol Reis, Clifton;
Ken Reis, Clifton;
Christopher Right, Clifton;
Larry Roach, Dallas, USA;
Peter Hayden Roberts, Shrewsbury;
Michelle Robertson, Middlesbrough;
Alan Robinson, Westminster;
Antonia Robinson, Southwark;
Hugo Robinson, Southwark;
Paul Robinson, Southwark;
Suzanne Robinson, Westminster;
Charlotte Rogers, East Anglia;
Joanne Rolling, Plymouth;
Gino Romagna, Seattle, USA;
Mrs Gino Romagna, Seattle, USA;
Joseph Romano, Westminster;
Indira Ross, Southwark;
Lee Ross, Southwark;
Rebecca Ross, Southwark;
K. Rowland, Hexham & Newcastle;
Angela Ryan, Southwark;
Mike Ryan, Glasgow;
Steven Ryan, Southwark;
Blossom Sanders, Toronto, Canada;
Irena Sani, Westminster;
Matthew Schellhorn, Southwark;
Carl Schiess, Southwark;
T.W. Scott, Hexham & Newcastle;
Brett Sequeira, Ontario, Canada;
Christopher Serpell, Birmingham;
Joseph Servi, Westminster;
Fatimah Sharpe, Clifton;
Elaine Sharpling, Menevia;
Tom Sharpling, Menevia;
Caroline Shaw, Clifton;
Eileen Shaw, Brentwood;
Joseph Shaw, Birmingham;
Justin EM Shaw, Clifton;
Lucy Shaw, Birmingham;
Adeline Sheehan, Nottingham;
Bill Shillue, Tucson, USA;
Rosemary Shillue, Tucson, USA;
Clare Short, Southwark;
Rebecca Short, Lancaster;
Andy Sloan, Bath & Wells;
Joe Smiles, Birmingham;
Marianne Smiles, Birmingham;
Alex Smith, Arundel and Brighton;
Carol Smith, Brentwood;
Cheryl Smith, Charleston,USA;
David Smith, Charleston, USA;
Gabrielle Smith, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
John Smith, Brentwood;
Matthew Smith, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Ruth Smith, Lancaster;
Stephen Smith, Lancaster;
Antony Solomon, Northampton;
Caterina Spadari, Westminster;
Michelle Spence, Aberdeen;
Rosalind Starkie, Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham;
Hannah Steele, Westminster;
Dominie Stemp, Arundel and Brighton;
Jonathan Steven, Lancaster;
Susie Steven, Lancaster;
Greg Stewart, Cardiff;
Liz Stewart, Cardiff;
Karolina Stolarska, Westminster;
L . Stride, Arundel and Brighton;
Mrs. L. Stride, Arundel and Brighton;
Brian Sudlow, Birmingham;
Camilla Sudlow, Salford;
Elizabeth Sudlow, Birmingham;
Paul Sudlow, Salford;
Dominic Sullivan, Southwark;
Marija Svilans, Brisbane, Australia;
Andrzej Szczygielski, Westminster;
Maria Tait, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Michael Tait, Leeds & Argyle and the Isles;
Patrick Talbot, Hexham & Newcastle;
Sheila Talbot, Hexham & Newcastle;
Gareth Thomas, Southwark;
Rhoslyn Thomas, Southwark;
Mark Thorne, Southwark;
Mr J Thurrott, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Mrs J Thurrott, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Donald Tikkala, Hamilton, Canada;
Rachel Tillett, East Anglia;
Andrew Kaldas, Torontoq, Canada;
Daniel Toye, Glasgow;
Antonino Trapani, Portsmouth;
Tim Travis, Southwark;
Adrian Treloar, Southwark;
Celeste Treloar, Southwark;
Gregory Treloar, Southwark;
Jacinte Treloar, Southwark;
Joseph Treloar, Southwark;
Josephine Treloar, Southwark;
Bobbie Trew;
Carla Tuckell, Southwark;
Kay Tuckell, Southwark;
Seamus Tuckell, Southwark;
Andrew Tucker, Southwark;
James Turner, Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham;
Clare Underwood, East Anglia;
Malcolm Underwood, East Anglia;
Frank Venn, Southwark;
Roy Villafranca, Arkansas, USA;
Brian Wacey, Wrexham;
E. Waller, Hexham & Newcastle;
Mariann Waller, Hexham & Newcastle;
Brenda M Walsh, Westminster;
Georgina Walsh, Arundel and Brighton;
Antony Walters, Wrexham;
Patrick Walters, Wrexham;
Peter Walters, Shrewsbury;
Lesley Ward;
Matthew Ward, Southwark;
Rachael Ward, Southwark;
Sarah Ward, East Anglia;
Tom Ward, East Anglia;
Stephen Wardell, Portsmouth;
Eren Wardlaw;
Stephen Watt, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
William Weber, Faro, Portugal;
Sue Whitaker, Middlesbrough;
Gary White, Middlesbrough;
Liz White, Middlesbrough;
Ursula Whitehead, Lancaster;
Dominic Whitehouse, Arundel and Brighton;
Ben Whitworth, Aberdeen;
Katherine Willey, Shrewsbury;
Petroc Willey, Shrewsbury;
Astrid Willis, St Andrews & Edinburgh;
Richard Windsor, Southwark;
Tom Windsor;
Vreni Windsor;
Yvonne Windsor, Southwark;
Michael Wolf, Brentwood;
Iain Wood, Salford;
Charles Woodbury, Sacramento, USA;
Sonja Woodman, Arundel and Brighton;
Elizabeth Wordley, Menevia;
Christopher Wotherspoon, Westminster;
James Wright, Hexham & Newcastle;
Jonathan Wright, East Anglia;
Karen Wright, Hexham & Newcastle;
Veronica Wright, Hexham & Newcastle;
Aidan Wynne, Clifton;
Hydi Yannis, Arundel and Brighton.

UPDATE: Oops, had posted an un-clean version of this list, with some new names duplicated. I think this is now correct - O&OE...


Delia said...

Very well done for taking the initiative, and many thanks.

Mike Ryan said...

I've just clicked on 'the letter' twice and all I get is 'Webpage not available'. Is this just a temporary blip?

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks, Delia.

Mike: it is working for me at 13.22

On the side of the angels said...