Wednesday, 18 January 2012

On Blogging

The other day, someone was hurt and upset by my posts, and tweeted: you've decided to become unappointed uninformed arbiter & commentator to which I penned the riposte:  Yes, it's called blogging... (Ho ho Ben, very witty, quote of the day award...)

Twitter brings out the worst in me, I think: the temptation to say the quick and witty thing without really pausing for reflection on its veracity or helpfulness. (Actually, that’s not the worst in me, but this isn’t the confessional and the rest is none of your business!)

But it did cause me to reflect: is that really what I am doing when I am blogging?  And if so, is that something I should be doing?  I have already reflected on my SAGO tendencies.

However, I do believe that discussing things in the open is frequently helpful.  It is conceivable that the Catholic Blogs were in part responsible for the cancellation of the proposed ‘Methodist Ordinations’ in Liverpool Cathedral.

Certainly the fuss over Bonus Pastor alerted me to the problems with Keeping Mum, and enabled me to get it withdrawn from the RE syllabus at the kids’ school.

And in the present instance, even if I am wholly wrong (which is quite probable) in my analysis both of Catholic Voices and its critics, I still think it is helpful for all concerned to know what it looks like from my perspective (and not mine alone, judging by feedback both public and private which I have received.)

Tom Stoppard, in Night and Day, has a character defending the press say: ‘I’ve been around a lot of places.  People do awful things to each other.  But it’s worse in places where everybody is kept in the dark.  It really is. Information is light.’

I think there is some truth in that: information about how others see things, even if that perception is flawed, partial, prejudicial, ill-informed or plain wrong, is helpful.

I apologise to anyone whom I have misrepresented, abused or hurt in anyway.  And I shall continue to blog.


Stuart James said...

And I shall continue to blog

I should jolly well hope so! This blog is in my exclusive "must read" category!

Toby said...

Keep blogging, but I would seriously question Twitter. Everything about it just seems set up for reflexive, ill-considered communications with no room for nuance. I really see very little good coming out of it from a Catholic perspective, in stark contrast to blogs, and I think if a particular medium constantly causes you to behave in a way one considers inappropriate then ceasing to use it can be a better course of action than kidding oneself that I'll behave better next time. Twitter just seems like the com box of a blog, but with none of the merits of post on which people are reflecting. None of this is directed at you personally; just my general thoughts.

Ben Trovato said...


Thank you for the gracious compliment!


Good advice, I think. Hereafter, I will only tweet to advertise new blog posts, and in frolicsome jest (my jesting tweets are pretty universally ignored...) Anyone attempting to engage me in dialogue on Twitter will be invited to public blog or private email conversation. There is something about it that really is dangerous...

leutgeb said...

Twittering does seem to take on the character of megaphone texting pretty easily.

Must have some uses, but I'm yet to be persuaded.