Thursday, 5 January 2012

BBC's Euthanasia Campaign

As I write the lead story on the BBC's www site is:
'Strong case' for assisted dyingThere is a "strong case" for allowing assisted suicide for people who are terminally ill in England and Wales, a group of experts says.
If one follows through to the article, they do mention that 'Critics say it is biased.'

As it was set up by people with a commitment to Euthanasia, funded by people with a commitment to Euthanasia, and even the BMA recognised it was bogus and refused to give evidence, perhaps the BBC could have recognised the validity of the criticism...

But as so often, despite 'balance' to give the impression of impartiality, the BBC's view comes through loud and clear, just as it did on the Today programme this morning.

Apart from anything else, giving this top story billing lends it an importance and credibility that few other PR stunts could command, as does the unbalanced front page headline quoted above, (for 'experts', they could have had 'pro-euthanasia campaigners' if they had really wanted to remain impartial - and accurate).

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