Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tomorrow: the Feast of the Purification and...

Tomorrow is the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Presentation of Our Lord at the Temple.

It marks the time when we take down the cribs and change the Marian Antiphon from Alma Redemptoris to Ave Regina Caelorum.

It is also the day on which the governors of the Vaughan School are meeting, and the Vaughan Parents Action Group are holding a candle light vigil. Remember them all in your prayers.

It also marks a meeting called Equal Love, which is part of a campaign to remove the ban on homosexual couples engaging in civil marriages and heterosexual couples engaging in civil partnerships. Peter Tatchell (of course) is behind this. Another cause for prayers.

Should they succeed in this campaign, it will not be long before they are taking the Catholic Church to the European Court of Human Rights (soi-disant...) to demand the right for Catholic Weddings for 'gay' couples.

The battle here is not about rights; it is about the meaning of the word marriage, which has been a bedrock of civilisation for millenia. The stakes are very high indeed, not just for Catholicism and any other Christians who still hold to Our Lord's teaching, but for civilisation as a whole.

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