Thursday, 27 August 2015

Keeping Your Kids Catholic (v)

Here is the next selection of historic posts from my series on the Catholic Dads' wwwsite, on Keeping Your Kids Catholic.

The Language of Faith

A Family Christmas

Family Time

The Lord of This World

Priest, Prophet and King

Again, I apologise for the unseasonality of a post about Christmas in the middle of the summer, but the previous explanation must suffice...

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Keeping Your Kids Catholic (iv)

Here is the next set of links in the Keeping Your Kids Catholic series.

I am fully aware of the inappropriateness of posting about Advent in the middle of the summer, but want to put all the links in, in chronological order, so that can't be helped.

Daring to be Different

Responding to God

Celebrating Advent

Divine Uncertainty

Distinctively Catholic

Thanks to all who have commented on these posts, here or on Twitter etc.  I will keep them coming.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The next exciting set of links...

These posts linking to my old series on the Catholic Dads' wwwsite, about Keeping Your Kids Catholic are attracting lots of hits, so I imagine people are finding them useful.

Therefore I will continue to post five links at a time,whenever I have time to compile them.

Here is the next (slightly eclectic) set of posts.

Catholic Minds

Books for Catholic Kids

Love of Scripture

Catholic Family Life

Nothing is Too Difficult

Perhaps I should collect them all together and offer them to the CTS as a booklet?...

Monday, 24 August 2015

More on Keeping Your Kids Catholic

Following the overwhelming response to the previous post on this (by which I mean someone said something kind about it on Twitter...), here are the links to the next five pieces in this series (from 5 years ago, I realise).

What the Kids Say

Praying the Our Father

The Structure of the Rosary and Perseverance

Bernie and the Holy Father

Catholic Music

I am tempted to re-vist the 'What the Kids Say' idea, and get their perspectives on this five years' on.  If they are up for that, I will report back in due course.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Keeping Kids Catholic

I was reminded the other day that some time ago, I wrote a series of posts on the Catholic Dads blog about Keeping Your Kids Catholic.

As that was originally meant to be one of the main themes of this blog, I thought it might a good idea to publish links to them from here.

Here are the first few:

The Introductory Post

The Time of Your Life

More on Time

Growing Kids with Character

The Great Adventure

If there is any interest in this, I will continue to add the links, and will tag all the posts with links in with Keeping Kids Catholic to make it easy to find them.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

YCA National Weekend at Aylesford

I have been asked to publicise this, and am happy to do so.

YCA National Weekend at Aylesford -in Association with the Scola Gregoriana of Cambridge

2015 Theme: “One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.”Attributed to Saint Dominic.

Set in the heart of Kent, England, The Friars - Aylesford Priory - is an ancient religious house of the Order of Carmelites dating back to the 13th Century. Over the centuries and now today The Friars has become the destination for thousands of visitors. Fr. Gregory Pearson and noted author Donel Foley will be giving talks.

At the 2015 Young Catholic Adult Weekend, there will be:
  • Sung/High Masses (EF), 
  • Gregorian Chant Workshops, 
  • Talks, 
  • Rosaries, 
  • Confessions, 
  • Marian Procession, 
  • Socials.
To book on to the weekend please go to the automated booking system here.
Please note Aylesford Priory have a booking deadline of 18th September, otherwise they reserve the right to release rooms for sale to other guests as required. Also they do not allow last minute refunds so  any non-arrivals and/or cancellations made up to 3 days before the event will be non-refundable.

Monday, 3 August 2015

The Just War argument

The comment by Ttony on my blog about lying to save lives, seems to me to be the nearest we have yet come to a solution to this dilemma.  He uses the Just War argument as an analogy.

To tease that out a little further, it seems clear to me that just wars were possible before Just War theory was properly articulated.

By the same token, perhaps what we see in the exposure of Planned Parenthood's evil, by way of means involving subterfuge, is a just lie, even though we have not yet been able clearly to argue a Just Lie theory.

Just as it seems clear to most people that the war against the Nazis had to be fought, for to fail to do so would have been collusion with a great evil, so one could argue that exposing the deception of Planned Parenthood had to be done, to avoid colluding with a worse evil.

I'm nearly there.

But I'm not quite.

Interestingly, it seems that in the original draft of the recent Catechism of the Catholic Church, the version that was first published in French, it included in its definition of a lie that a lie was committed when one deceived someone who had a right to the truth. That would have settled it.  However, when the official Latin text was released, that clause had been removed. Clearly, in the editing and checking process, it had been found that there was not a sufficient consensus that such a clause accurately reflected Catholic teaching.

So, perhaps a straw in the wind, but on the other hand, one that was rejected...

My moral intuition tells me that no sin was committed in the deception of  Planned Parenthood staff to reveal the evil at the heart of the organisation, but my intellect still isn't sure.  And taking the Just War argument a little further may help to explain why.

The Second World War, I think most would agree, met the criteria for a just war, from the point of view of the Allies. However, that does not mean that all that the Allies did was justified. I think the dropping of the atom bombs was morally illegitimate, as was the blanket bombing of Dresden.

Moreover, there is always the risk, inherent in war, I think, that we demonise the enemy, when our instructions are to love our enemies.

And I further believe that the Allies' damaged themselves by the way in which they conducted some aspects of the war; a moral compromise that has borne bad fruits in Western Europe and the USA ever since. But again, that is more an intuition than something I can make a strong rational case for.

So I remain conflicted: I still feel that lying in this case was probably justifiable, though I cannot quite see how to justify it, theologically. I remain deeply convinced that lying is dangerous and normally damaging to the one who lies, and that any sin, however trivial, is simply wrong. Further, I am very wary of the precedent we set when we lie for a good cause, and the risk of a slippery slope if we erode our fundamental understanding of the natural law. And there is that risk that in order to justify our actions we demonise Planned Parenthood as the enemy...

Let me be quite clear: I am not condemning the actions of those who made the films: I am exploring my own moral understanding and the limitations thereof - and anyone who can help me clarify it further will be very welcome!