Sunday, 6 February 2011

Slogans for Westminster Education....

After my successful work on slogans for The Tablet some while ago, I am eagerly awaiting a commission from the Diocese of Westminster to help put their policy with regard to the Vaughan School across succinctly. Here are my initial thoughts...

  • A preferential option for the rich
  • Keep the poor in their place
  • No diversity here
  • Posh schools for posh kids
  • You don’t have to be rich to come here - but it helps
  • Helping Cafeteria Catholics to jump the queue
I welcome any other suggestions, of course.


pattif said...

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster: Committed to demonstrating that Catholics are no different from anyone else

Ben Trovato said...

Oooooh! That's a bit near the knuckle! What's more they'd probably love it!