Friday, 11 February 2011

Institutional grooming

Today, Labour MP Chris Bryant's bill on compulsory sex education is up for debate in parliament - you should by now have written to your MP (if you're a UK citizen) as John Smeaton has pointed out. Chris Bryant is homosexual and has no kids himself.

This made me reflect on the degree to which the establishment is grooming our kids for sex. This is deemed a crime when done by a lone paedophile, or worse a paedophile ring, but when done by Schools, Channel 4, Brook Advisory, Planned Parenthood etc etc it is suddenly called 'Education' and is A Good Thing. But in fact much of their material is designed to prepare kids for early and casual sexual encounters - and if that's not grooming, what is?

(I'm not going to link to their www sites, but if you want to check what I'm saying, go and take a look - but brace yourself, there's some very unpleasant stuff out there!)


Richard Collins said...

A prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes is called for.

Ben Trovato said...

Indeed - make that a few decades...