Thursday, 24 February 2011


The death of Bernard Nathanson sees the passing of a heroic man. A stalwart of the abortion industry, both in theory and practice, he came to understand the reality of what he had been doing and campaigning for - and the damage it was doing to himself and to women, let alone the unborn victims. He converted to the pro-Life side, and to Catholicism, and spent the rest of his days campaigning for life. May he rest in peace.

Then Fr Z reported the case of the woman, Norma Jean Coon, who was a keen would-be woman priest, who has likewise converted and recanted her previous errors.

All of which reminded me of William Coulson, who was sidekick to Carl Rogers as he destroyed Catholic Schools and Orders of Nuns with his 'person-centred approach.' Coulson was likewise converted by, and to, truth.

If these three, once deeply engrained in their errors, are able to accept God's grace and change so profoundly, there is hope for all of us!

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