Monday, 21 February 2011

Abortion - a societal killer

I rarely blog about abortion, because it seems to me that there is so little new to say: however, it is rarely far from my thoughts and prayers as it is the greatest moral evil in our society. So perhaps I should blog about it more frequently.

The gravest evil of abortion is clearly the destruction of innocent human life precisely at the time it is most in need of protection.

However, it is important also to recognise the other evils inherent in the abortion culture.

The psychological and physical damage to women who have abortion is fairly well-known, though the abortion lobby is still in denial over this.

The damage to the relationship between the sexes has been less explored, but when one considers the following facets, there must clearly be some.

  • Women can take a unilateral decision to kill a man's child, without any consultation, let alone consent;
  • Men can put pressure on women to kill their child, at a time when a woman is most in need of emotional (and other) support;
  • The unitive and procreative act is deemed to be free of consequences.

There is also the damage to the medical profession: the availability of abortion requires medical staff to violate their professional oath and ethics: this too is clearly damaging.

  • We see medics increasingly mistrusted by society at large (because we know, really, that they should not be colluding with this);
  • We see medics increasingly making other life-and-death decisions based on an ethic of pragmatism (eg cost, utilitarian judgements etc) rather than an ethic of love and compassion;
  • We see medics distorting their consciences to justify what they have done and continue to do.

There is a wider damage to society as a whole.
  • The loss of huge numbers of the next generation, with particular damage in some social, and ethnic groups, and of course, girls;
  • We collectively turn a blind eye to a huge injustice in our midst;
  • We have a growing population of people who have a stake in justifying abortion: they have had one (or more); they have colluded with one (or more); they have justified one (or more. That makes it ever harder to have a rational and civilised debate in the light of emerging science about the humanity of the unborn child - the science is moving in one direction, but society at large is moving in the other.

As one would expect, the whole abortion industry is founded on lies; for its progenitor is the father of lies:

  • The lie that the unborn child is not really a human;
  • The lie that even if a human, he or she does not deserve the same care as the rest of us;
  • The lie that abortion will make it as though the woman was never pregnant;
  • The lie that it is simply a medical procedure like having an appendix out;
  • The lie that it is a decision that affects only the woman;
  • The lie that there are no adverse consequences for the woman or anyone else;
  • The lie that this is medical care.

And the solution? Some devils can only be cast out by prayer and fasting. That must be the start point for all of us, Then each according to his or her gifts must fight this evil: in the intellectual arena, in the political arena, by acts of witness, by acts of charity...

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