Wednesday, 23 February 2011

CAFOD surpass themselves...

I would really love to believe that CAFOD has appointed Damian McBride to run their media operation because he is truly sorry for his outrageous smear campaigns against opposing politicians while working for Gordon Brown (which caused his untimely departure from No 10).

But even if that is the case, as I really hope it is, why is it so dispiriting to see yet another croney from New Labour taking a senior position in the Catholic bureaucracy?

Do the punters in the pew really want to be funding his salary, after years of funding Filochowski's (and his dissident lover) about which we were kept in ignorance by a complicit hierarchy?

After all, we've only just had a collection to support the CES, complete with ex-Labour MP Greg Pope who has such a strong anti-Life voting record...

But it will be CAFOD collection time again soon, and all we, like sheep, will be led astray.

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Left-footer said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Have tweeted it, but it seems most U.K. Catholics are resigned to sitting out the current Hierarchy.