Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Who was that?

Listeners to the Today programme this morning were treated to comments on the Holy Father by "Martin Prendergast, from the charity Catholics for Aids Prevention and Support and Dr William Oddie, the former editor of the Catholic Herald."

Funny that the BBC did not mention that Martin is a former priest (ie someone who has either mistaken or abandoned his vocation, by definition), a homosexual activist, who has been living for 25 years as 'partner' (there's a terrible euphemism) with Julian Filochowski, ex-Director of CAFOD, the Bishops' rather flakey international aid agency...

Incidentally Dr Oddie had all the facts and reason on his side.

CORRECTION: His name is Pendergast.


The Guild Master said...

Thanks for the information. I too listened to the interview and wondered who Prendergast was and whether he was really a Catholic, or merely a token Church member dragged in by the BBC to give a platform to doctrinal dissent. Obviously the latter.

Glad that Dr. Oddie had, literally, the last word.

Ambrogio CAN said...

Martin Prendergast obviously does not understand the reason why the Church promotes abstinence rather than the use of condoms to stop HIV/AIDS because he sees having sex as a purely pleasurable act, yet it means much more: it affirms your "yes" to Christ, through the union of the person who has been given to you in order to build the Church with. And lastly, the gift of Reason is what separates us humans from animals; let's take advantage of this gift in order to judge truly what we live, looking at what hides behind reality.