Monday, 23 March 2009

Catholics for Active Participation

I’ve been reflecting on Martin Prendergast and his bogus organisation Catholics for Aids Prevention and Support, on the basis of which he got invited on the the Today programme as a Catholic commentator - as ‘balane’, you understand.

I thought we should learn a trick or two from these dissenting types, who may not be as innocent as doves, but are sometimes as wily as the snake in the grass.

So I dreamed up Catholics for Active Participation. We could campaign for the right to participate fully, as envisaged by Vatican 2 and in the light of the Church’s sacred traditions:

by kneeling at the et incarnatus est
by saying we adore in the gloria
by kneeling for communion
by receiving from a priest or deacon
by singing in Latin those parts of the Mass proper to us
by singing plainchant as the music proper to the Roman Rite
by being allowed to make a personal, rather than collective, statement of believe at the Credo
... and so on.

We feel, of course, hurt by the majority of bishops’ failure to recognise and be sensitive to these rights; and we feel excluded by the cliques that have taken over our Churches: liturgical cliques, special minister cliques, women of a certain disposition cliques, and cliques who form bogus organisations that pretend to represent anything but their own damaged selves, and tag the name Catholic onto the front to get media attention.

Oh, I’m back where I started...


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Yes indeed! I too, am heartily sick of the collective 'Credo'. In my parish the PP is encouraging us to say 'for us.....and for our salvation He came down..etc., thus deleting the word 'men'.