Saturday, 14 March 2009

Next Archbishop of Westminster - Poll Results

I've decided to close the poll on the qualities required of the next Archbishop of Westminster. Not least because I've another poll I wish to run shortly (watch this space).

I do not claim these results represent anything much - just an insight into the kind of people who look at this blog and choose to click on silly unrepresentative polls (not of course that I wish to belittle my readers, without whom etc...) So it is interesting that a few people voted for inane or silly answers...


Andrew said...

I find it sad that Fidelity to Rome and Sacred Tradition is even up there as a choice. In an ideal world, it should be a given. Any Catholic bishop worth his salt would and should be faithful to Rome and Sacred Tradition. But sadly, this is no longer the case in many countries, including my own.

How far we have fallen.

Ben Trovato said...


You are quite right: many of these qualities should b a given. It is indeed a sad commentary on our times that they are not. I'd put Personal Holiness in that category, too.