Friday, 20 March 2009

Performing kids

Dominique was in a show doing ballet this evening - just got back in a state of high excitement - apparently it had gone very well. I had to miss it due to a choir practice, but Anna, Ant and grandma all went and said it was very good.

And tomorrow Charlie is in some dramatic improvisation for his drama class. Not sure what that one's about, but I think it's a three-line whip.

They're all a bit like me - doing loads of stuff to an OK standard, rather than concentrating on excellence in one area.

Renaissance man is my excuse...

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Ttony said...

Whatever your (my) excuse is, there has to be a bit of a worry about my (your) vocation. God has called each of us to be a something, and while it may be that he has called many of us to be Jacks of All Trade, it should stop us when we see the number of people who have a gift that they nurture, whether it's dancing, playing the piano, or throwing darts. Or laying bricks.

Thanks for the stimulus!