Saturday, 14 March 2009

Reviving The Tablet - Recipe Page

Ever eager to help this struggling organ, I suggest a recipe page.

Oecumenical Stew a la Pill

Slow roast doctrine over a griddle of dubious early texts. Marinade overnight in a sauce of mild dissent with just a soupcon of dessicated feminism. Flame rapidly with pseudo-intellectual comments from a leading modern theologian, and critical insights from low-church Anglican prelates. Serve liberally, accompanied by shredded dogma, with a drizzle of JnP sauce. A gentle red goes well with this (Chateau d'Ushaw 1974 is a fine vintage!)


Ponte Sisto said...

LOL! They'll be gunning for you! I'd like to say it sounds delicious, but I'm not so good when it comes to swallowing the Pill!

Great blog!

Ben Trovato said...

If them gunning for me draws some of the fire from Fr Finnigan, I'd be honoured!

Glad you like the blog: I'll check yours out.