Monday, 26 October 2015

Our Progressive Bishop

I mentioned recently that our Bishop,  the Right Reverend Michael Campbell, OSA, is to celebrate Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form on November 8th, for Remembrance Sunday, for the souls of the War Dead. (6.00pm at Our Lady and St Joseph's,  Carlisle).

I learned yesterday that this is not the first public Mass in the Extraordinary Form that our Bishop will have celebrated.

Apparently, he was taught to say the traditional Mass by the priests of the Institute of Christ the King, and said two low Masses at their seminary.

He also confirmed candidates at the iconic St Walburge's Church in Preston (which he has has entrusted to the Institute) and immediately afterwards, celebrated a low Mass there.

Indeed, I have been told that one of the reasons he wishes to say Mass at OLSJ, as well as demonstrating his support for the traditional rite there, is that he wants to keep practicing, so as to ensure he does not forget how to celebrate the Usus Antiquior.

So he is truly a progressive bishop: progressing more deeply into the life of the Church. For we cannot forget or abandon our past and remain true to the traditions that have been handed on to us.  Those who label themselves as progressive (or are seen as such by the popular mind) would be hard put to answer to what they are progressing. But our Bishop makes good progress: keep him in your prayers.

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