Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Whatever Next?

Following our letter to the Catholic Herald, people are asking what else can be done in preparation for the Synod. 

A few of us are working on that, and consulting people ranging from other interested groups to Cardinals.

The one thing that is certain at this stage is the need for prayer. In so far as we are not saints, we are part of the problem. Therefore I would like to ask all those who signed the letter, and all those who are concerned for the success of the Synod, to spend the time between now and Pentecost in redoubling their prayers; enriching their sacramental life and renewing their devotions. We need Masses, rosaries, confessions, adoration, and more. 

Moreover, if you have any connections with professional pray-ers (contemplatives, for example) please implore them to join us.

After Pentecost (and once I am back from the Chartres pilgrimage) I hope to have a set of suggested actions that we can all take, and some resources available in support of them.

I am very interested in others' ideas on this, so do get in touch.

But for now, pray without ceasing!

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