Sunday, 8 February 2015


Our religion correspondent, Stephen Fry, writes:

I have just discovered that until very recently, the Roman Catholic Church called today Sexagesima.

This just proves what I have long known: that the Church is obsessed with sex.

You can tell this by all the monks and nuns and priests who take vows of celibacy, especially albino Opus Dei ones, who run the world behind the scenes.

This is not natural, in 2015, when we all know that sex is jolly, harmless fun, and that the honest, sincere and grown up way to find true love is to move on from one lover to the next whenever the urge takes us.

So free from any sexual obsession is our enlightened Enlightenment culture that pornography wanes as the Church's power declines; the harlot's cry has vanished from the secular world - and anyway we call them sex workers now and campaign for their right to earn their living just as they wish.

Whereas the Catholic Church's obsession with sex can be seen in the fact that that is all the media reports about it. And that it has an indoctrination manual written by its chief inquisitors, the sinister Catechism, which contains 2865 paragraphs, of which every single one is a rant against sex.

And I know a man who uses a condom every single time, and hasn't caught AIDS, which proves it.


Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.  BT.

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