Monday, 13 February 2012

Mac's meme

Ttony has tagged me for Mac's  meme: which three books (apart from the Bible, Missal, Breviary, Simple Prayer Book etc and Shakespeare) should she have on her Kindle.

"You post the rules and a link back to the person who tagged you. You also tell them that they've been tagged on their own blog, rather than just hoping they'll discover it for themselves. Then you decide what three books are essential reading for anyone with a Kindle. Reasons would be good, but not essential. Then you tag five people."

But that rotter Ttony has already suggested:

 - the complete OED;
 - the complete Dickens;
 - the complete P G Wodehouse.

The third of those would definitely have been one of my three, and the first might have been.

So here are my eclectic suggestions (and bear in mind I've never met Mac, of course):

1 The complete Chesterton (verse, journalism and novels - I'm sure Kindle can cope...)
2 The collected poems of Elizabeth Jennings
3 The complete novels of Evelyn Waugh

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