Sunday 3 July 2011

Non-directive Abortion Counselling

On this morning's Sunday programme (radio 4 UK) there was an item on moves to require women seeking an abortion to receive counselling from someone other than an abortion provider prior to making the decision to abort their baby.

Needless to say, Marie Stopes were on to say how the fact that they have both a financial and a philosophical interest in abortions in no way meant their counselling was partial... I found this scarcely credible.

There was also a spokesman from Life. She made the point that many women who come to Life for post- abortion counselling tell the same story: they go to someone like Marie Stopes looking for a place to talk, and find that before they know it they are on the abortion treadmill.

However her next point I found more troubling: Life offer non-directive pregnancy counselling.

I have a few problems with this, given that they are an avowedly pro-life organisation:
Could they?
Should they?
And if they do, what does that do to their counsellors?

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