Monday, 8 May 2017

Sorting the post: all made in God's image?

Overheard in Ambrosden Avenue:

"A number of complaints about the new CES document..."


"A letter from the Collective of English Prostitutes, asking for equal treatment. Their children often suffer bullying in Catholic schools, and if you are rehabilitating adulterers, gays, lesbians, what about them? They point out that Christ liked them, and they have adademic allies who could provide the intellectual case for the Oldest Profession. And the Grauniad would, of course, approve."

"Yes, one to think about, certainly."

"Similarly from the League of British Abortionists. They point out that whilst you may disagree with their profession, who are you to judge? And that as long as they all do their work in good conscience, dedicated to helping women in distress, they are clearly not committing mortal sin. So why should their children be told that their parents are doing anything wrong: that lacks charity. And again, both academic fig leaves and positive coverage in the Grauniad are guaranteed."

"Hmm, a bit trickier, that one. Leave it with me."

"Another from a chap who is re-launching the National Front. He says his son is often called a racist, simply because he is, and wants the positive aspects of racism explained in a series of eight lessons, to combat this bullying. But we couldn't find any academic who would go near this one, and of course the Grauniad would eat us alive."


"And one here from some members of the LMS and the NACF. They say their children are often taunted by teachers as well as other pupils for being rigid, neo-pelagians and the like. They would like the rehabilitation of traditional Catholicism..."


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