Tuesday, 30 May 2017

But answer came there none...

I know a few people who have got in touch with the CES/Paul Barber about the CES Scandal, some via their website, others whose mode of communication is unknown to me. What they all do have in common, though, is a complete lack of response.

That is very poor. Doubtless, we will be asked to put our hands in our pockets for the CES again in due course; but to suggest that they owe concerned parents any explanation of their frankly bizarre behaviour is clearly to suggest too much.

Of course, they are in a sticky position. It is hard to defend the indefensible.

Which brings me to the bishops. Their Lordships, I imagine, are more busy, and certainly have less immediate obligation to respond to queries about the CES than the CES itself has, one might think.

Nonetheless, I am hearing that a number of people have received replies; and that these vary from 'pray for something better' to 'it's not me you should be writing to, it's Paul Barber/++McMahon.'

Well writing to Paul Barber seems to get no result, but ++McMahon is the one bishop, I hear, who is prepared to stand up for Made in God's Image.

Oddly, one of my correspondents got an anodyne message from a secretary thanking him for his comments which the archbishop will bear in mind; whilst another got a letter from the archbishop himself, saying, in effect, of course the document is Catholic, because it says it is in its introduction.

One wonders how he can write that with a straight face; and further, if he really imagines that such a response in any way addresses the many and serious questions raised; and further still, if he knows that the strange sound behind him is the noise of all the other bishops distancing themselves from him and from this document. 

So, to summarise, nothing at all from Paul Barber or the CES, which is dereliction, if you ask me; and replies, but no answers to any of the issues raised, from a number of bishops.

It really is not good enough.

Pray for them all.


PS If you have heard from anyone feel free to leave a comment, or get in touch with me directly...

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Patricius said...

I understand- via "Lifesite News"- that Bishop Philip Egan has taken issue with the document. Perhaps all is not lost.