Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Here we go again...

Tomorrow I set off for London, there to join the English contingent of the Chartres pilgrimage on Friday morning.  We start, as ever, with Mass (EF) in the Cathedral crypt, before boarding our coach for France.

The main pilgrimage starts on Saturday with Mass in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Then we walk and pray and walk and sing and walk and talk and walk and pray some more. Twenty five miles or so on the first day, to the campsite at Choisel. (The image shows the precise miles we walked last year on 14 - 16 May...)

On Sunday, it is much the same, except that Mass is in the middle of the day, in the open air: a magnificent High Mass at an impromptu but beautifully constructed altar (which would put many permanent altars in English churches to shame).

And then on Monday, we march into Chartres for the final Mass in Notre Dame cathedral (all French cathedrals are dedicated to Our Lady, I think).

Except it's not the final Mass for us, as the English chapters stay overnight in Chartres and celebrate Mass the following day in the crypt. A pleasing circularity...

I have written about this in previous years (see here) and will doubtless give an account of this year's pilgrimage on my return. It is an amazing, challenging and uplifting experience every time (I think this is my ninth time...)

In the meantime, if anyone has any prayer intentions they would like me to take to Our Lady as we walk in her honour over Pentecost weekend, leave them in the comments box (before Thursday night) and I will remember them en route and in the various cathedrals...

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