Tuesday 16 May 2017

Did the CES Accept Money From Stonewall?

I have now heard from several sources that the CES has been given money by Stonewall, a group fundamentally opposed to Catholic teaching on human sexuality, to print and distribute copies of Made in God's Image, to Catholic Schools.

I have argued from the first that this document looked like Stonewall propaganda, and that certainly adds weight to that view.

As indeed does coverage like this.

Of course, it is conceivable that my sources, all of whom I deem trustworthy, are mistaken or have been misled: in which case, the CES should quickly and clearly refute the claim.

The absence of any such refutation will raise serious questions. Who knew? And who put out the lie that no external funding was received? 

The CES Scandal has just taken a turn for the worse. The restoration of good governance is now essential.

Pray for all concerned, and write to the bishops! (Contact details here)

UPDATE 17 May 14.26

I have just seen that the Catholic Herald have updated their article with a new CES quotation on this topic: 

The Catholic Education Service did not receive any outside funding for either writing, printing or distributing its document on homophobia, a spokesman has said.
So whilst my informants may have been mistaken, we have at least got a clearer statement out of the CES. All other questions and issues remain unaddressed, of course; including why they previously said that they had received funding. When people say two opposite things, how does one know which to believe?

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