Saturday, 26 January 2013

SMUC Volte Face

For those who remember the extraordinary SMUC story, it is interesting to note the latest development, reported here by Fr Finigan.

In brief, in September last year, Dr Towey was halted mid-lecture by security staff at St Mary's University College, and marched off the premises.  He was then suspended.

The way in which this was all done seemed to me, and to many others, to fall well short of the principles by which a Catholic Institution (or indeed any civilised Higher Education institution) should be conducted.

However, it appears that he is now reinstated, and (entirely coincidentally, I am sure) Professor Esler is suddenly on Research Leave until the end of his tenure as Principal.

It is curious that Professor Esler is stepping down before a successor has been identified.

I hope that over time SMUC will settle down, and above all that it will retain its Catholic identity, which, I understand, is very dear to Dr Towey's heart.

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