Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New CTS Website

I have just seen the new CTS Website. I have to say it is a huge improvement, on first glance.  It is clearer, easier to navigate and the search function also seems to work well. Go over and have a look, and then tweet them @CTSPublishers to tell them how good it is.

Even more important, of course, is that they now publish such very good books. I have read quite a number recently, and almost without exception have found them excellent.  Even the ones I haven't liked have not bee profoundly wrong, merely poorly written or simply written in a way I was out of sympathy with.  So you really can't go far wrong.

For an independent view of CTS books, there's always Andrew's CTS Reviews site.

So, when you have had a look at both sites, why not support the CTS by ordering a book or several.  Something for your Lenten reading perhaps; and for your friends, your kids, your spouse, your parish priest...

And no, I am not on commission!

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