Friday, 11 January 2013

God bless our bishop

Our bishop, +Michael Campbell, has just sent an excellent letter to the Prime Minister.

In it, he makes several important points, including that marriage was not created by, and therefore does not belong to, either the State or the Church.  Rather it is derived from the natural order, and to try to change its fundamental nature by legislation is simply to lie.

He also points out that laws play a role in determining what is and is not socially acceptable: so the mantra that allowing 'gay marriages' affects nobody else is palpably dishonest: in fact it will mean that very soon, anyone holding to beliefs about marriage which everyone held to till very recently, will be seen as a bigot, with concomitant consequences.

He also points out the Church's teaching and practice that we love people suffering from same sex attraction; and also the fact that 'the Church offers the means to live chastely in all circumstances, as the love and grace of God both obliges and makes possible.'

It is an excellent, measured and well-reasoned letter.  Let us hope and pray that David Cameron pays it some heed.


Mater mari said...

God bless him indeed. Pater mari has always said that the Church could do with a dose of persecution to bring out the best in us, and it seems we are beginning to see this in the statements of some of our bishops, as well as the letter in today's Telegraph signed by over a 1000 priests. Over the years we have suffered emotional persecution for our faith; perhaps now we might have to be prepared to die for it.

Ben Trovato said...

Yes, I fear you may be right; and I fear it is our children who may be called to martyrdom...