Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Why are some people so hateful towards us Bulimics?

Can't they see it is a life-style choice as valid as theirs?

If we get together and binge and purge as consenting adults or teenagers, why should it be anyone else's concern?

It can't conceivably hurt anyone else and it makes us feel so great.

Yet some people still insist on using hate-language, calling it an 'eating disorder.'  That is so digesto-centric it makes me want to vomit!

Fortunately, more and more of us are coming out, and being proud of our bulimia.  We will no longer tolerate the oppression that means we have to purge in secret.  Why should we deny our God-given identity as purgers?

We are also making common cause with anorexics, and all other queer eaters.

Merely because the majority of people aren't bulimic or anorexic, there's no need to say that we are abnormal. And sure, biologically, eating is meant for nourishment, but it doesn't have to be: we also eat to be sociable, and because it is pleasurable and there is nothing wrong with that.  If we choose to exercise this natural function in ways that give us pleasure and do nobody else any harm, how can that be wrong?

As for suggesting that we can or should be 'cured' or be helped to 'recover'... that is simply a manifestation of your phobia: why should we be 'cured' of, or helped to 'recover' from, our fundamental identity?

And another thing: all this thing about trigger warnings!  I never see anyone worrying about triggering sexual desire of any kind, so why should binge and purge triggers be stigmatised by the need for 'warnings'?

Any possible argument you could make against this has already been refuted by LGBT people in their context...

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