Thursday 22 April 2010

Shoot yourself in the foot (why don't you?)

The 'Catholic' Education Service has appointed a new deputy director: he is Greg Pope, a former Labour MP.

He is of course ideally suited for the role: he "was appointed after a rigorous selection process and was the unanimous choice of the final interview panel, which was chaired by Bishop Malcolm McMahon, Chairman of CESEW," according to the CES press release which continues:

"Oona Stannard, Chief Executive and Director of CESEW, welcomed the appointment, saying...'[It] will help us to continue to both promote and protect Catholic education...'"

He has voted consistently in ways that are diametriacally opposed to Catholic teaching on, for example, abortion, contraception, 'gay' relationships etc.

John Smeaton's excellent blog post has all the gory details.

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