Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pepinster recants!

Listeners to the Today programme were amazed at 8.25 this morning (but it's too early to post the link as the programme is still on air). The announcer said: 'And here's Gary with the sport,' but it wasn't Gary, it was Catherine Pepinster, who had burst back into the studio after her earlier dreadful interview (see previous post).

'I had to come back', she stammered breathlessly, 'I've just been thrown from my bike, on the way to the fair trade cafe for breakfast.' As the presenters were struggling between showing due BBC concern and wondering how to get her ejected, she continued: 'and a voice from Heaven said: 'Kate, Kate, why are you persecuting me?'

'Who are you, Lord?' I asked?

'But I knew, already. So I have come back to profess: We believe, no I, I Kate Pepinster believe in One God...'

At this stage the security people arrived, and as they struggled with Pepinster, she was heard to proclaim: 'We'll become an investigative paper, looking at the campaign to discredit the Holy Father... we'll run a series on Catholic Ethics edited by Fr Finigan...' the security men finally over-powered her, and the producer was heard to ask for her to be taken to a hospital. 'No', came the retreating voice of Pepinster, 'the Oratory: I need to go to confession.'

Today is, of course Maundy Thursday, the day of the new Mandatum

It is also April 1st.


Patricius said...

1st April!

Ttony said...

imagine what we've come to though, when "Catholic Editor Of Catholic Paper Defends Catholicsm" is an April Fool.

Ben Trovato said...