Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

Pleased that both Ant and Bernie wanted to come to Watching last night! We did 10.00 - 11.00 so they were a bit slow to get up this morning...

After walking Goldie, we read Mons Knox's sermon on the Agony in the Garden, from Pastoral Sermons (which I'd read last night and reminded myself how good it was).

The kids are Knox fans, thanks to the Creed in Slow Motion and the Mass in Slow Motion, and they found this sermon good, too, even though aimed at adults.

We then went to the Good Friday Liturgy, which was well done, though I would love some better music (either polyphony or chant), especially for the Reproaches...

Then home to home-made Hot Cross Buns to break the fast. Anna has tried to make these once before and they were not a success; but this year's were truly delicious!

About to read the kids the next Knox sermon on The Trial. Then there are two for Holy Saturday and one for Easter Day: all highly recommended!

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