Friday, 9 April 2010

It's obvious

Chlamydia (along with all other STDs) is on the rise in the UK.

The solution: it's obvious. More screening - every time you 'change partner.' (NB Two points of interest here; one is that we hear this so often: 'the policy isn't working -I know, let's do more of it!'; the second is that the universal solution to all our sexual troubles, the condom, does not get a look-in in this discussion.... could there be a reason for that?...)

Avoiding unhealthy 'lifestyle choices' is, curiously, never mentioned in this context (compare that with smoking, obesity, alcohol- related illness etc etc) Could it be that our political, media and medical lords and masters (and their mistresses) are so wedded to a life of promiscuity that the alternative is unthinkable? Or is it that they behave differently, but think we plebs are so contemptible that we are unable to behave responsibly? Or are they simply governed by the fear of saying something that would open them to criticism, charges of moralising, and ridicule?


Rita said...

In the toilets at our local surgery are little cards for you to take away with you. They are written in a faux-sixtes psychedelia script with the text "have you been tested for the love bug yet?".

It is a totally objectionable and irresponsible way of dealing with sexual health....but of course docs get paid by the amount of screening and pill popping they perform.

Ben Trovato said...


Yes, the medical profession has been corrupted - and then they wonder why they are less respected than formerly...