Monday, 26 April 2010

Let's not have a hissy fit...

...just because some puerile clerk on the government's payroll has yet to grow up.

Surely we have more important things to engage with: such as the fact that none of the main political parties have any Catholic appeal; our bishops appoint inappropriate people to the CES; Austen Ivereigh, James Preece and Mac are having a barny.


Mac McLernon said...


Fr Tim said...

I've only just seen this: "our bishops appoint inappropriate people to the CES"
It was posted in the week that I was appointed to the CES.
At least I now where I stand, I suppose.

Ben Trovato said...

Fr Tim

I think this is classic post hoc propter hoc : my comments had nothing to do with your appointment - as I suspect you know :-)