Thursday, 7 May 2009

Where the LBGT Agenda Leads?...

I note from the BBC that the Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland has been convicted of sexually assaulting a three month old baby and other children, and was at the centre of a paedophile ring.

It is no surprise that those who champion deviancy exemplify deviancy - and at its most depraved. There is a particularly vicious, or even Satanic, circle here: inclination leads one to justify deviance, and that leads to advocacy, which leads to further deviance (and support from other like-minded perverts) and so on.

The minute one leaves orthodox belief about the sanctity of human sexuality, one opens the door to the devil...

Of course, LGBT Youth Scotland have instantly sought to distance themselves from their disgraced CE (who has now resigned) and express their shock and horror; but I for one believe there is a direct link between the philosophy they subscribe to and the behaviour exhibited by their erstwhile CE.

Regina Caeli: Ora pro nobis.


The Guild Master said...

The amount of covering of tracks and denials of accusations nobody has actually made in LGBT Youth Scotland's press release speaks volumes for these people.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole purpose of their organisation to target vulnerable children and convince them that they want sexual relations with people (usually adults) of the same sex?

What else would be the point of aiming their recent survey at children who are worried or unsure about their sexuality (or "questionning" as they are here termed)? I'm willing to bet they won't be told that they're really heterosexual and it's just an adolescent phase they're going through.

Ben Trovato said...

The survey is indeed revealing. Eg asking 'Sex: male? female? Other? (please specify)' That was something we used to write a s a joke as kids - I never thought I'd see it in a 'serious' piece of work.

And of course it is being subsidised from the public purse.