Saturday, 9 May 2009

... and the victims are the children...

The terrible paedophilia case in Scotland has some horrific features. One of which was that parents trusted the CE of LGBT Youth to look after their kids: a trust which he abused terribly.

They clearly believed the rhetoric that such an individual is just like us but with a different orientation, and to be suspicious of his motives for being around kids would be terribly homophobic. My heart bleeds for them, for they are victims of a sick society and are paying a terrible price.

Meanwhile, Camilla Cavendish, in The Times, has dared to point to research which concludes: 'the presence of a step-parent, which is the best epidemiological predictor of child abuse yet discovered.'

But our society continues to proclaim (through its loud silence on any moral standards, the indoctrination of kids at school, the frequent articles in the press, and soap opera story lines vindicating and normalising such a lifestyle and condemning the tyranny of marriage) that shacking up with one partner after another is fine, LGBT campaigning and recruitment is fine, and that to sugest anything else is wicked and judgemental.

And in both cases, the children (and ultimately the whole of society) are the victims.

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