Saturday, 16 May 2009

No Seks Please

I wasn't really amused (well ok the baser part of me was a little amused, fnaar fnaar) by the news that a Polish monk had written a sex manual.

A few reasons. One is: what on earth does he think he's doing? St Paul says somewhere: Let such things not even be mentioned among you, as becomes saints.

I'm not in the 'sex is dirty' camp at all. On the contrary, it is a great blessing for married couples.

But sex guides? I'm convinced we don't need them, and that they are more likely to do harm than good.

We don't need them, because the natural way to learn about sex is with your spouse. And history proves that we're pretty good at learning those lessons: particularly in faithful and loving relationships.

And they do more harm than good because reading about sex is an artificial, and ultimately voyeuristic, activity: the first step on the road to pornography.

And doesn't the good monk have anything better to do with his time? Pray?...

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