Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Protestant Problem with Our Lady? They don't adore God

The reason protestants can't distinguish between our love of Our Lady and our adoration of God is that they don't adore God properly; that is to say, they do not offer sacrifice.

We offer the sacrifice of the Mass: and that is completely beyond anything that protestants can offer to God. They can only offer praise: so when we praise Our Lady, they see us offering to her what they offer to God, and think we are idolatrous.


Athanasius said...

That's a good point - I hadn't thought of it that way before!

Ben Trovato said...

Yes, despite my strident opposition to false ecumenism, I do believe that striving to understand our separated brethren is valuable: so that we may dispel their ignorance and misapprehensions about Christ's Church. (Or maybe that's not 'despite' but the cause of my opposition to false ecumenism!)