Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bernie's 16th

Bernie is 16: it's official!

She had a bundle of friends over for the night, camping in the field behind the house. We'd run power out to the tent (something we've never done before ) so it was lit with fairy lights etc. It looked lovely, but must have been bitterly cold.

Anna had mad a wonderful cake, as ever: this one shaped and decorated as a tent.

I have to say that for years I was dreading the teenage years, but so far, both she and Ant (18) have been extremely civilised. If I were superstitious, I'd touch wood at this point, as Charlie's 13th birthday is nearly upon us.

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The Guild Master said...

Don't forget that for Catholics 13 was always considered a lucky number (Our Lord plus the Apostles). It was only after the Reformation that the "Unlucky for some" nonsense was foisted upon us. Hope that reassures you!