Saturday, 3 January 2009

Making our own entertainment

Having no TV, and with these long winter evenings, the kids get adept at providing entertainment for themselves and us. With visitors, they really go to town.

So every New Year's Eve they do a show, written in rhyming couplets, by one of the dads, with - traditionally - very strained rhymes, with lots of dressing up and songs.

This year, we were treated to Harry Potter The Musical: all seven books in one fifteen minute performance. The songs included (to the tune of America from West Side Story):

That rotter Snape has killed Dumbledore!
What did the Draco boy stumble for?
And what did Dumbledore mumble for?
Now there is no Albus Dumbledore!

I liked the way he was so kind.
I liked his razor sharp clear mind.
I liked his humour and weird speech
I liked the fact that he didn’t teach!

We all remember our Dumbledore!
What was that wizard so humble for?
What did he take that big tumble for?
Now there is no Albus Dimbledore!

and (to the tune of Singin’ in the Rain)

I’m reelin’ from the pain
Just reelin’ from the pain
What a horrible feeling
I’m wounded again
I’m just like the clouds
So dark up above
The pain’s in my heart
And I’m empty of love
Let the evil spells chase
Every one from the place
Come on with the pain,
I’ve a frown on my face
I’ll limp down the lane
To a tragic refrain
Just reelin’
and wailin’ from the pain...

Goldie played both Fluffy ( a three headed dog - so she had two ballons attached) and a Hippogriff (with some gold wings from the dressing up box) and the kids were even more imaginative when it came to their own costumes. A splendid time was had by all, from the 7 year-old to the 18 year old... (not to mention the audience, ranging up to 85 years old!)

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