Sunday, 18 January 2009

Chocolate and God

This involves getting the teenagers in the parish together (lured by a chocolate fountain, personal invitation etc) to debate ‘does God exist?’ with the Diocesan Youth Co-ordinator (who is a fantastic, young, orthodox priest). One aim is to stimulate them to think more deeply about their faith (and their doubts) and to arm them with the more sophisticated arguments they need as they encounter ever more hostile peers and teachers... Another is to foster some friendships and lay the foundations for a continuing series of activities (including outdoor adventure type stuff) to help them grow as friends, have fun together, and reinforce each other’s Faith - with spiritual input as a regular part of the mix.

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madame evangelista said...

Sounds like an excellent idea (and not just because of the chocolate, lol), although not sure about the outdoor adventure type stuff...

It's good that you have an orthodox priest to lead them. There's nothing worse than discussing doubts with someone who can't stand up for their faith.