Friday, 2 January 2009


We have had a great Christmas. We decorated the tree on Christmas Eve, (to the sound of the Carols from Kings College on the radio) so that it was fresh for the next day.

We also decorated the house on the evening of Christmas Eve for the same reason, and went to the evening vigil Mass, where Ant and Bernie played in the makeshift orchestra for the Carols before Mass. Apart from the dreadful 'clapping' gloria, the music was good.

Christmas day itself was a peaceful day.n Most presents and cards were home made and delightful, and the food delicious, without being so over the top as to leave us all stuffed. We took Grandama for a walk after lunch, but may have overdone that, as she was pretty tired fo the rest of the afternoon. I think sharing the house with the family is still a bit of a strain for her.

One gratifying thing is that the kids have really enjoyed each others' (and our!) company over the holidays. We have played lots of card games and board games, gone for numerous walks, long and short, and visited various counter-cultural friends...

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