Sunday, 4 January 2009

A great walk

As the temperature was about minus 1, we decided it would be a good day for a picnic. So having prepared a few sandwiches and a couple of flasks of hot drinks (coffee for us, chocolate for the kids) we set off soon after noon.

We drove to a nearby valley with a lake at the top which feeds a stream which in turn feeds a lake at the bottom, some two miles away. And up the valley we walked. And skidded. And slid. The path had iced over in several places and was sufficiently steep and smooth for the kids to slide down it (they had wisely put on their waterproof overtrousers for the walk).

Every waterfall in the valley was full of icicles and wonderful sheets of ice. Ice crystals filled the gaps under stones. The lake at the top was frozen solid - and this time Bernie had brought her skates with her, so was able to skate around, whilst the others simply charged about and slid as far as they could.

Then we climbed a hill into the sunshine for lunch, before beginning a long and slippy descent. All the kids fell over several times, occasionally by accident. All - including Ant who being 18 now is technically an adult - spent a lot of time sliding down the ice on their bottoms. All had a great time.

A wonderful walk which will feature in all our memories for a long time.


leutgeb said...

Sounds great.

I was thinking about your family's previous outing skating on a pond when I was digging my allotment at 9am this morning.

The water thingy was completely frozen over, though I wasn't about to test to what depth!

leutgeb said...

PS Have you seen 'Into great silence'? That features snow, but I won't spoil it for you if you haven't.

Ben Trovato said...

I bet digging was hard work in this frost!

No I haven't seen Into Great Silence - will add it to the LoveFilms wishlist. Thanks for not spoiling it...