Saturday 27 September 2014

More on St Walburge's

I posted earlier in some haste, as my supper was calling. However I did mention that the arrival if the ICKSP in our diocese was the start of something great. To give you an idea of what I mean, here is their weekly schedule:

10.00 am Confessions
10.30 am Sung mass
5.30 pm Vespers and Benediction

Monday to Friday:
7.30 am Lauds
8.00 am Meditation & Angelus
11.30 am Confessions and Rosary
12 noon Low Mass and Angelus
5.30 pm Vespers and Angelus
6.00 pm Holy Hour and Benediction
7.00 pm Compline

10.00 am Confessions and Rosary
10.30 am Low Mass and Devotions
5.00 pm Holy Hour and Benediction (Confessions during)

Note: Confessions heard every day, and twice on Saturdays.

In addition, here are there planned Activities at the Shrine:

Faith Formation: Catechism for various ages, including adults, to discover our holy faith
Choir: Singing Gregorian chant of polyphony and hymns at 10.30 am Sunday Mass
Altar Serving: Men and boys interested in learning to serve Mass, Vespers and Adoration
Sacramental Preparation: For baptism, confirmation and marriage or vocational discernment
Socials: Helping to prepare Sunday tea and coffee and other special events
House Blessings: The priest is happy to come and bless your home or enthrone the Sacred Heart.

I understand that their www site is due to go live at shortly; and I am sure that as they settle in and grow, they will be adding to these activities.


Sylvester Edwin Lambert said...

With the greatest of respect, your statement that "the arrival of ICKSP in our diocese was the start of something great . . . here is their weekly schedule," is a little misleading as it implies that much of what is planned does not already occur in Preston or even in the Diocese. In fact of course, Confessions, Mass, Benediction, the Angelus, the Rosary and Benediction are practiced at numerous churches in the area. Let us not forget also the sterling work already done in the centre of Preston by St Wilfrid's, in providing frequent Mass, Confession and Exposition for the faithful.

Additionally, the activities as mentioned as being scheduled for the Shrine e.g. Faith formation, the training of altar servers and socials occur at parishes all over the Diocese. Finally, I can personally vouch for sacramental preparation and house blessings being available as I have utilised both of those in the last two months.

I understand that you are doubtless pleased at the provision of the Vetus Ordo within Preston. However it is misleading (and unfair to the excellent work already done by the other churches) to infer that much of what is being offered by ICKSP is not already available.

Ben Trovato said...


Thanks for your comment. I don't think I implied that none of this was already happening - that was certainly not my intention. It is the comprehensive nature of their offering that is so striking: their daily schedule, starting with Lauds and ending with Compline, the fact that Confession is available every day, and so on. Certainly at my end of the diocese, there is no Parish offering anything near this.

However, I am very glad that you have put on the record how much is already going on in Preston, which is certainly to be applauded.

And you are quite right, too, that the provision of the Vetus Ordo is something I see as a very positive development.