Sunday, 7 September 2014

I know I keep going on about it...

I know I keep going on about it (eg here and here), but honestly, the chant tool that the wonderful Leutgeb of Bara Brith (on whose head be lasting gratitude outpoured) pointed me to is truly wondrous.

I have to prepare the music for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.  It falls on a Sunday this year.  But, of course, it doens't usually, so when I went to the drop-down menu of Sunday Masses, it was not listed.  Nor was it listed under the 'Select another Mass' tab.

However, by choosing the 'Custom' option, and looking up each piece of chant in my Liber, I was able to enter the first words of each piece - and lo and behold, they appeared.  And as ever, I have the choice of the correct chant, from the Liber, or a simplified version, set to a psalm tone.

This saves me hours of work, and results in very easily used sheet music, compared to any other method.

A true blessing!



The tool is now hosted here

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