Monday, 22 September 2014

Found it!

I have blogged before (here and here, for example) about the risks to children of their mothers having live-in lovers.

I suggested that there were two important questions to address:
  • Is there a disproportionate frequency of abuse and murder of women and children by men living with women who have children by previous relationships?
  • If so, is there a causative link between such patterns of relationship and abuse, or is it merely a co-factor of other determinants (eg chaotic life style, educational levels, deprivation, poverty)?
It seems that there is some research on the first of these (and it confirms my suspicions).

The research is reported in an article called Suffer the Little Children: Cohabitation and the Abuse of America's Children (here).

The source reports makes chilling reading in all their findings; but what struck me particularly is this, which I quote verbatim from the first report cited (available here): 

'Children living with their married biological parents universally had the lowest rate, whereas those living with a single parent who had a cohabiting partner in the 
household had the highest rate in all maltreatment categories. Compared to children 
living with married biological parents, those whose single parent had a live-in partner had more than 8 times the rate of maltreatment overall, over 10 times the rate of abuse, and nearly 8 times the rate of neglect.

Is anybody telling young women that, as they preach the doctrine that the only sexual morality they need to consider is the morality of desire and mutual consent?

This is one of the true fruits of the so-called sexual liberation: but as a society, we dare not even discuss it.

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Left-footer said...

I have just found your post, and my experience supports what you write.

14 years ago I was working for a homelesness charity in London, where there was a 22 year old resident with HIV and hepatitis B. He was also a heroin addict.

His story, backed by official records, was that his parents had split up when he was 8 and his sister 7. When the mother became pregnant by the new cohabitor, the father raped both children, infecting them.

They were soon, in their early teens, working as prostitutes.

I never met the sister, but was keyworker for the young man, whose ambition was to become a husband, a father, and a home-owner.

I think he and his sister are worth a prayer