Friday, 31 January 2014

It's not all right for others

There has been some controversy in the press recently about claims that huge numbers of Christians are being martyred every year.  Personally, I am not particularly interested in the numbers: the fact is that many, many Christians suffer for their Faith throughout the world. 

I have just been reading  the ACN booklet Persecuted but Never Forgotten.  It is chilling but essential reading, documenting the persecution of Christians in many countries around the world. 

It concludes with many suggestions for us (what we can and should be doing) and these words of Pope Francis':

I have a question for you, but don’t answer out loud, only in your heart. How many of you pray for Christians who are being persecuted? How many? Everyone respond in your heart. Do I pray for my brother, for my sister who is in difficulty because they confess and defend their faith? It is important to look beyond our own boundaries, to feel that we are one Church, one family in God! 

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