Tuesday, 28 January 2014

It just gets better and better!

I have already enthused (here and here) about the wonderful Mass Propers site.

But I continue to discover further glories.  Tonight, I wanted to look at the chant for next Sunday; but next Sunday is Candlemas, so it doesn't feature in the drop-down list of Sundays (as it is always 2 Feb, and therefore, rarely a Sunday).

So I looked at the 'Custom Mass' tab (confident it would not be some dreadful modernist diy thing). But that only offered a Wedding Mass, a Mass for the Dead, a Mass for the Dedication of a Church, and a Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart.

But then I saw that for each part of the Proper (Introit etc) there was a search option. More in hope than expectation, I entered Suscepimus, and there it was: the Candlemas Introit.  And it worked for the Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communion, too.

I am as happy as a pig in clover.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the wonderful Leutgeb of the Bara Brith blog who pointed this site out to me.

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